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We training for certifications and job skills

Whether you’re training for certifications or job skills, we have different training options that will suit your need.

We Offer Learning Services to Include

Boosting productivity by training your employees and gives you the advantage of developing talent.

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If you want a customized training where you want our trainers to come to you instead and make use of.

The rigors of our everyday life are so enormous – talk about challenges we face at work and at home.

Information Technology Training Problem

As we know, there is a vast need for qualitative IT training in every organization for performance optimization and finding GOOD training is a demanding task.

The Solution

At Ikons, we offer you the unique opportunity of training your company staff either using your infrastructure or The Ikons’. Our trainers have a 50 to 50 mix of both ‘on-the-job’ and training experience that will meet your training needs. Employees generally prefer instructor-led training as it allows them to interact with their other colleagues in class and ask questions from the instructor. This in turn boosts productivity in your workplace less expensively than other training tools.

Below are our training delivery models:

Ikons Anyware training

Classroom (Instructor-Led)

Online  Training (Instructor-Led)

Ikons BootCamp

Online  Training (Instructor-Led)