The rigours of our everyday life are so enormous – talk about challenges we face at work and at home. All these just don’t allow you give a 100% into your learning. But boot camp can free you up from all these grindings. It puts you in an encapsulated environment suitable for real-life learning. And if you are the type that like to attain your knowledge by interacting with fellow students and learn/share thoughts with technical experts, then boot camp is the right approach.

Now, it’s apparent that education and training in IT has to be pervasive if anyone is to be in a position to fully & effectively participate in today’s emerging information age. This means that there is a vast need for quality IT training in every organization but finding good training is a very demanding task.

Our Solution

Ikons solution to this problem has been to employ the services of trainers with both on-the-job skills and teaching skills to make our customers training experience a very memorable and informative one. Our trainers have a 50/50 mix of both training and consulting experience to make your training experience worthwhile. The concept that we deploy at the Ikons is what we at Ikons Systems call watch-the-instructor-do-it-and-do-it-your-self (WIDIADIYS) method of training

Boot Camp Details
Our goal is not just to setup a class but to create an industry like environment such that participants can start delivering values @ the end of the program.

Ikons bootcamp course package includes:

  • Vibrant courseware
  • Top-notch instructors
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Hours are from 9am to 5pm

Benefits of our Boot Camp Training
When organizations employees are adequately trained, the org. stand a chance to reap the reward of a highly productive workforce.
When they’ve acquired necessary computer skills, their operations at work are more accurate, costs caused by human error decrease and as a result, the overall organization productivity increases.

For Upcoming Boot Camp Trainings click here http://www.ikonsbootcamp.com


Ask The Ikons

The mission of this show is to help find answers to IT related matters.

In the Ask the Ikons online IT show, Kazeem features different IT professional for a discussion on a variety of IT topics. These professionals deliver in an easily digestible, down-to-earth manner. The invited guests will address the questions of the audience


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